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News about Vernazza Apartments

Pool Time! - Date 08/07/2019

Live somewhere with a pool, your kids will thank you! Vernazza provides residents with a resort style pool even a mermaid would be jealous!

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Stay Cool This Summer! - Date 07/31/2019

Looking for a way to beat the heat? Stay cool and refreshed in your apartment home at Vernazza!

Playtime Starts Now! - Date 07/25/2019

Looking for a place for your little one to play? Grissom Playground and Park is less than 15 minutes away from Vernazza!

Pet-friendly! - Date 07/23/2019

Worried about where you and your furry friend are going to live? Pug-get about it! Our pet-friendly apartments may be just what you’re looking for! Call today for more info!

Iced Latte....check! - Date 07/18/2019

Iced latte? Check. Good book? Check. Spacious and inviting apartments in Kissimmee, Florida? Super check. Check out Vernazza Apartments today!

Dinnertime! What are you cooking tonight? - Date 07/18/2019

There’s nothing like cutting fresh veggies to make a delicious meal in the comfort of your home at Vernazza! What’s your favorite meal to make?

Live at Vernazza - Date 07/18/2019

Staying inspired, getting creative, good music, and living at Vernazza Apartments never goes out of style!

Beach Day! - Date 07/18/2019

Florida living means beach day, any day! Call us today to learn more about our apartments for rent in Kissimmee!

Happy 4th! - Date 07/05/2019

Happy Fourth from Vernazza!

Live Your Best Tropical Lifestyle - Date 07/02/2019

Tropical isn’t just a type of weather, but a lifestyle. Need some design inspo for your apartment at Vernazza Apts? We’ve got you covered.